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    I got this story from my friend at 2009. I translate plus shortening because there's some words can't be translated ;).

    ======STORY ======

    This is a great story with great tips for being a great personal at your girlfriend's family,, just read it till end and follow my advices.. I assure all your dream will be come true,,oke happy reading-cekidott..

    Clever in here not means you come to a girl and saying ’..Miss, do you know that 467 times 800 divided two equals 186800………ehem!! ‘ and hope the girl crying and say “ … oh you're soooo clever , behind your face which too much variable component, you've brilian ideas… hello, my name is Dinda ..I love you.. marry me please’’……………IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    Being inteligent male, Your girl will proud to tell about y…

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    Hello... Remember with my last two parody about "love"? Maybe some of you get confused about the formula. Hitler only mention in general. But in Indonesia, there are soooo many love words and a people who always using it called PHP (Pemberi Harapan Palsu). But hey, never using love word is not good too...

    So, I want to share some of love words formula.

    The most basic but not really easy. Remember, you must know him/her first before using this formula.

    The formula is like this --> You love to (mention the skill), right?

    Then he/she answer --> Yes, why?

    The next formula --> Because you're (mention an activity which relates with the skill) my (heart/soul/mind/etc...)

    The example may be like this :

    You love to shoot, right? | Yes, why? | Because you alwa…

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