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    A letter from Sonic7emerald

    November 18, 2017 by Fa3455801

    "Sorry for banging in this late but plz help tell all untergangers who still dunno this yet. I'm probably losing my access to my pc and possibly internet too. I failed 2 paper in the test and my parents aren't happy at all. My parents are not accepting explanations other than me wasting too much time online. So PC access is probably gone for sure. Idk about my phone cause that depends on whether they cancel my 4g plan or just confiscate it. Or neither of them

    So, no parodies for the time being. If I can't come back, I'd like to say thanks to the entire unterganger community for supporting me since day 1 and forgives all my bs. Also that level of kindness to care about us in general. Despite the dramas I still liked my time tbh
    I will be ali…

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  • Fa3455801

    Can someone explain to me why? And apparently, according to the deletion logs, it was restored and deleted over and over again.

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  • Fa3455801

    Old wounds

    October 23, 2015 by Fa3455801

    As we know, User:Meowjar has been banned from this wiki since 2012. But, a couple of weeks ago, I and CanaDolfy98 found out about this. This is his new username.

    I’ll let the admins decide on whether to drop the instant banhammer, or to forgive him, or to forgive him, but also spy him 24/7. If you (the admins) choose to ban him, then let him know that I’m sorry. I also request to be banned from the wiki for at least 6 months if I ended up reopening those old wounds.

    At least he’s not one of those people who made awful Pooh’s Adventures crossovers that could rival Antoni Pieter and Micwan in terms of awfulness.

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  • Fa3455801

    Y'know, looking back at the fact that our community's been tearing itself apart since the 2010 takedowns is scaring me to death. I, have never, ever thought that, to qoute an anon:

    I mean... dear God. I just can't see Unterganging as a fun hobby anymore, but a genuine, stressful profession that earns you no money... and if you screw up once, you're out of the game forever.

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