• I live in Germany
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is the Führer
  • I am Male
  • DownfallDolfy
    • What food do you eat everyday?

    A.12 Pizzas,5 xTra large shakes,1000 pounds of hamburger - 100 points

    B. Vegetables - 200 points

    C. Fish - 300 points

    D. Nothing. You are immortal to starving. - 400 points

    • What Antics do you perform?

    A. Sitting on Hitler's face - 100

    B. Removing his glasses for about 6000 hours - 200 points

    C. Saying Fish for 10 hours - 300 points

    D. Annoying Der Failure - 400 points

    • Last Question: Have you ever tried to rant?

    A. No. I eat 10 pizzas.............. - 100 points

    B. Ja! I do this everyday! - 200 points

    C. Yeah. I used to rant at my fish. - 300 points

    D. Im just chillin to make people rant - 400 points

    • 300 points - Gorig -> A fat devourer who eats 1000000000 kinds of food x1000000= Infinity
    • 600 points - Hitler -> A guy who rants…

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