• DictatorAntics

    Trip to Austria

    January 25, 2013 by DictatorAntics

    Hello reader of this blog!

    Today, Friday 25 January 2013, I am going to Austria for 9 days. Which means that I have to survive 9 days without you guys. I hope that someone can either fill me in on the things that I miss in the comments or in the chat when I am back. Something tells me that this will be an interesting week...

    • Will Antoni Pieter open a new channel and continue his plagiarism?
    • What will happen with Master Studios' POTM?
    • Who will win this month's UOTM?
    • Who will get awards in the UA?

    Anyway, I'll see you guys on Sunday, 3 December.

    See ya!

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  • DictatorAntics

    My own page!

    August 26, 2012 by DictatorAntics

    I just became a member of this wikia and I've edited my own page. :)

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