As you all know, I removed my videos lately & started to make new ones (or remakes of old ones). That said, it wasn't because I'm retiring - far from it. It's because I've changed a lot for the better since 2010, when I begun in ernest.

When I started off I was your typical lonely/frustrated college kid with a lot of time on his hands, and decided to vent my emotions & energy and channel them into something creative and fun - hence how my parody-making began.

However, I was also a very cynical type of person & my works would often be offensive purely for the sake of it. Blasphemy & derision of religion, unnecessary swearing every few lines etc. In 2013 I discovered Islam & found a lot of peace in faith. I feel I've become a much better person over time, stamping out those negative traits. I feel more empathetic & knowledgeable as a human being, and I felt like a fresh start in terms of videos & a positive outlook.

I ask God to forgive me for my mistakes, and if I offended any of you along the way in my days as a loose cannon (especially in forum arguments) then I apologise. I feel like a lot of parodies these days seem to be offensive for offensiveness' sake (in many of the ways above) and I would like mine to be family-friendly & an exception to the general trend. I'm currently uploading a new one as we speak.

Thanks for reading. ^^ 

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