Hello everyone!

The good news is that I'm no longer as busy as I was before, and I'm able to release slightly more parodies than I was before (meaning that the UOTM is no longer delayed as it was before). December's voting thread will be up on time, my collaboration project with HitchcockJohn is nearly complete, as is a new YouTube Poop, and so on.

However, the bad news is that people still seemingly can't be bothered to vote in the contest - despite my efforts to promote the contest and encourage people to vote, I'm still ending up with a tie in the contest, most recently on the November thread. It still seems that some people can't be bothered to open a link and press a few keys (and I'm aware that that doesn't apply to many of you, thankfully). I can't force you to vote, but I can remind you that the contest is done with the viewer in mind, and the whole point is to give viewers a voice. If they won't raise one, then how can I run the contest properly? 

I'm aware however that there are those who resent the work of myself and others within the community due to their friendly relations with certain renegade untergangers, and so they'll naturally boycott my poll/s and other such contests that myself and others run. However, I'm determined that the stubborness of a minority won't spoil the contest/s for a majority, and I'm sure most of you share my views on this. 

So danke for your time my lovely unterganging friends, and please do have your say in all future polls, if at all possible! 

- Benad361

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