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    June 14, 2016 by Appledash

    Hi, I was reading one of the bunker books (downfall is based off of it) and here's some information I got:

    "General Burgdorf was one man in the bunker known as a "good friend" of Hermann Fegelein."

    Also, it describes that Gunsche was Fegelein's "drinking friend". Should that be added in their articles?

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    Downfall Extras

    May 13, 2016 by Appledash

    Hi everyone - I'm just new and I just wanted to ask - where are you guys getting all these xtra footages? For example, I have the DVD and the bluray, and I know in one parody Krebs is seen pointing at himself in an interview, but I don't see that in the dvd or bluray. There's also the scene with Hitler and Eva talking on the couch, and Burgdorf singing the "poor old man" song, and several others. They aren't on the DVD or bluray, so do you guys think you can tell me where you got those? Thanks!

    EDIT: Also, I haven't seen the Goring interview anywhere in the extras. Is that in the extended edition as well, and is it on amazon or ebay? Sorry if I sound really bad, I just really love those scenes and would love a version of them :P

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