Traudl and Peter leave Berlin is the last "real" scene in Downfall, before the fates of the characters are shown, followed by the epilogue.

In Downfall

The scene begins panning across a destroyed highway overpass somewhere. Berliners are seen fleeing the city on foot, walking past the rubble. The panning stops at Traudl and Peter Kranz, who are sitting together on the ruins in the distance, and zooms in twice showing the two close up. Peter discovers a bicycle and runs to it, while Traudl is watching. He picks up the bike, while smiling, and Traudl pulls a smile. The scene changes to show Traudl and Peter riding the bike together on an unpaved road surrounded by trees, on their way out of Berlin. The scene has no dialogue.

In Downfall Parodies

Due to the lack of dialogue, the scene is rarely used in parodies. However, it has been used in musical parodies, such as mfaizsyahmi's DPMV Baba O'Kranz, as well as Gilblitz112's Tongues DPMV. It also appears in the opening of mfaizsyahmi's parody, Berlin is being turned into rubble while I play unfitting music.


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