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Thunderbirds360TV is a Brazilian Unterganger. He made Downfall Parodies starting in April 2012. His styles are Traditional, Modified Traditional and sometimes Special FX and Audio-based parodies.

Downfall Parodies

Thunderbirds360TV made two Downfall Parodies in October 2011, in his old YouTube account (Matth361). They were not re-uploaded when he closed and made a new channel (at the time). In November 2013, he deleted the majority of his Downfall Parodies for unknown reasons. Because of that, despite the fact most of his parodies are still in his computer, his parodies between July and October 2012 are now lost forever.


Thunderbirds360TV first started to watch Downfall Parodies around 2010. He never made Downfall Parodies at the time, as he only watched them just for fun, but also due to his terrible grammar. After almost 2 years of only watching and after having his channel hacked and closed, he made his first two parodies using Windows Live Movie Maker in another account, before closing it again. It took him 6 months to make another parody, this time using Sony Vegas Pro 9. Shortly after, he upgraded to Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11, and after a few months, Vegas Pro 11.

As of 2016, he uses the latest version of Vegas 13 to make his videos.

Name Change and Retirement

In May 2013, Thunderbirds360TV changed his name to Sweetie Belle, as stated in a deleted video. He said he wouldn't change his name back (lie). He's earned lots of subscribers, and as of December 2015, he has over 15 thousand subs. He changed his name again on the April of 2014 to Maud Pie. And changed it again to his current username, Matt Conagher, on the September of 2014.

Thunderbirds360TV never made a video related to a possible retirement, but his last Downfall Parody was made on August 2013, which can be found here. Thunderbirds360TV tried to make Downfall Parodies again multiple times in 2014, but he did not have inspiration or time to do so. They would've been uploaded to this channel, instead of his (then) main.


As of September 2016, he has retired from Sparta Remixes and now makes YTPMV's on his other channel, now his new main account. Thunderbirds360TV is now using this channel to reupload those parodies, as they were never deleted from his computer in the first place. Here, he mentioned a possible return to making parodies along with a big project.

On September 17 2016, he announced his return on his channel and on the Downfall Parody Forums. He uploaded two new videos.


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