• This RFC supersedes the previous one which I decide to cancel due to dismal performance.

    The revised new News implementation intends to tackle the following issues with the current system:

    • Nonexistent transclusion logic in the archival, causing the whole news page be transcluded to the main page, slowing it down.
    • People not being bothered to do manual archival.

    as well as new issues arising from the previous new News formatting proposal which include:

    • Large number of break tags left behind
    • Needing to switch to a new system consisting of new templates.
    • While it outputs smaller HTML, the dismal parser speed on the server's side defeats the original goal of optimizing loading.
    • Equal signs needing escaping inside the templates

    The newest system consists of a simplified parsing operations, summarized as:

    1. loading the data page
    2. calculating the cutoff month
    3. finding the cutoff month heading in the data page
    4. extract the text before the cutoff month heading
    5. process and returns that text

    all done in a single method call, vastly improving parser speed (0.13s vs. 2.3s using the previous proposal)

    Improvements over existing system:

    • Automatic archival, with configurable max month age
    • Improved size and speed performance

    And over the previous proposal:

    • No need to transfer to new format, only small changes to existing format (already done for here by yours truly)
      • Eliminates need for the two templates
    • Improved parsing and size performance

    With the minimal changes to formatting of this new system, I suppose we can transition to it sooner.

    See this newest implementation: data page, parsed transclusion, full transclusion. Parser Speed benchmarks.

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    • Seeing there will be little adjustment necessary to adopt this new system I'll make preparation for it very soon. All news authors please take note of the following changes:

      1. The content of the news will be moved to Project:News/content.
      2. Year and month headers would strictly use the following mediawiki markup:
        ==Year== and ===Month year===.
        • The use of the <h2 class="h2news"> markup will be removed.
        • Do not put bold ''' or italic '' markup to the month header.
        • Not adhering to the above markup will break the string matching used to cut off the news page.
      3. Custom CSS styles for year (the h2news class) and month headers will be achieved by wrapping the news content with a container element with "news-container" class.

      I hope to be able to move The Fegel Times into the new system by Wednesday, giving everyone a 2-day notice.

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