The doctors and the drunken people is a scene from Downfall. The whole scene is rarely used in parodies, but an edited segment called Bunker Jokes is quite common.

In Downfall

The scene begins in the makeshift hospital, where we see Schenck and Erna Flegel waking Haase, who had been sleeping, covered with his coat, telling him that the Führer wants to see him. Haase wakes, coughing terribly, and after saying that it's just his collapsing lung and he'll die soon, dresses and leaves with them.

The three enter the Führerbunker, passing the Guard Post 2, then the singing Goebbels children and their parents, arriving in a room where Krebs, Burgdorf and some other soldiers are seen laughing, drinking and smoking. Günsche greets the doctor and sends the trio in a nearby room, where he tells them to wait a moment. A very drunk Tornow is seen exiting the bathroom, excuses himself and enters the previous room.

Hitler enters the room and the trio salute him. Günsche waves them to come closer. As he apologises to Haase for interrupting his work, Erna begins to cry, urging him to keep faith in the final victory. Hitler leaves with Haase, while Schenck and Günsche drag her to the previous room, where a drunk Tornow asks them to join them. As she sits down, he pours some drink in a glass. Erna drinks it all. Hewel is also seen at the table. Tornow then says that the situation is pretty shitty and everybody starts laughing. Suddenly, Eva and Traudl enter, and everybody rises. As they sit, Eva is being ironical, saying that's a pity they can't go outside. Tornow responds with a bad joke, unless she wants a heroic death. This angers Krebs, who tells him to control himself, to which Fritz ironically agrees.

Outside, several soldiers bring several gasoline canisters through the raining bombs and place them near the Bunker entrance. Inside, a young officer climbs down the stairs saluting the drinking party, saying that he has to report to the Führer. Krebs tells him he can't right now and asks him to join them. Hewel introduces him to Frau Hitler and Eva congratulates him, commenting on how he was very young and had earned several medals. Schenck excuses himself and Eva points him to the Bunker bathroom. In the other room, he sees Haase explaining Hitler that the safest way to kill himself is to take cyanide and shoot himself at the same time. As he enters the bathroom, he sees Blondi tied to a toilet.

Haase tells Tornow to come with him. After Schenck leaves the bathroom he sees Tornow in the other room opening Blondi's mouth as Haase crushes a cyanide capsule in her mouth. As Hitler turns his head away, the dog yelps for the last time and falls dead, off camera. Günsche carries the dog outside, while Hitler, deeply saddened, slowly leaves under the stunned looks of Haase and Schenck.

In the Parodies

The scene is not used much because of its dark theme.

The scene is best known for the parody series that it gave birth to, the Bunker Jokes. Usually the segments that are used are the following: Hewel asking a question, Tornow making a bad joke and everybody laughing. Sometimes the other scene with Hewel is used and the segment with everybody laughing is extended.

Smelloftheice created the opposite of Bunker jokes, Anti-joke Keitel, in which Schenck asks a question and Keitel answers it correctly, causing the doctor to leave the room, and Tornow doesn't laugh.

The scene with Blondi tied in the bathroom was used by HRP in Hitler is informed by Blondi. Many other parodies that use Blondi also use this segment. Blondi's barking comes from this scene.

Haase's constant coughing once annoyed Hitler.

The scene with Eva and Traudl's arrival has also been used in many parodies.

The part where Schenck leaves the bathroom is used in Soalric's Slender Man parody.


  • This scene shows Haase telling Hitler how to kill himself.
  • The theme of this scene shifts from dramatic to light, then back to dramatic, light again and finally to dramatic (Blondi's death).
  • Blondi dies in this scene.
  • According to eyewitness reports, Hitler ordered Dr. Werner Haase to test the cyanide capsules given to him by Himmler, on his dog, as he had doubts on their effect (after he found out that Himmler betrayed him) and the dog died as a result. Hitler became completely inconsolable.


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