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The Wedding of Krebs and Burgdorf

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The Wedding of Krebs and Burgdorf
The Video

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15th December 2010


Known for:

Establishing Krebs and Burgdorf's relationship with each other.


Modified Traditional



The Wedding of Krebs and Burgdorf is a parody by nietzscheprime which was taken from the Original Bunker Scene and Hitler Planning Scene.


The scene starts with Jodl asking Hitler what's in the crowd and Hitler informs him that he is marrying Krebs to Burgdorf. Dolfy orders Elton John on the piano and the music of the piano can be heard. H starts the marriage by referring to Krebs the Map Pointer and tells him to take Burgdorf as his "wedded" husband, and Krebs responds "I do". Hitler, referring to Burgdorf as "Alcoholic Whiner," tells Burgdorf to take Hans Krebs as his husband. The latter answers that he loves to Krebs to death, and later says "I do," and Hitler unites him with the two pencils claiming that it is "True Love" and sits.


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