The Goebbels Children Sing to Hitler is a scene in Downfall often used in parodies.

In Downfall

Immediately after Fegelein hangs up on Eva Braun in the previous scene, Joseph Goebbels announces that his wife and children would be entering the bunker. He tells a member of staff that only one toy is to be given to each child.

As the children settle into their bedroom, they line up in front of their mother, who tells them: "We'll put on our best clothes, and then you can say hello to Uncle Hitler".

They are then heard singing "Kein schöner Land in dieser Zeit" in Hitler's lounge room with their father directing them. Hitler is seen holding Helga, as Gerda, Traudl, Günsche and Eva look on in happiness. After the children finish singing, everyone claps happily.

In the parodies

This scene is sometimes used in parodies where they depict the children singing about different topics, ranging from popular culture to even singing a different song altogether.

This scene is also used to show Hitler interacting with children in general, as, for example, seen in Parodyhall's Hitler as children's TV host.


  • This is the first scene featuring Hitler since he declared the war lost in the Original Bunker Scene (in the non-extended version of the film).
  • This is also the first scene featuring the Goebbels children and their mother.
  • Gerda, Traudl, Günsche and Eva all appear. By this time, Fegelein had already deserted the Bunker.
Magda Goebbels and the Goebbels children arrival
The Goebbels children sing to Hitler
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Schenck and Haase operating

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