The Bunker's Gaming Montage is a gaming parody series by F-A Alexander. As the title suggests, each episode is a montage of Downfall characters (other than Hitler and Fegelein), along with others, such as Leopold Slikk and the Inglourious Basterds Hitler playing various games. As of March 2017, the series has amassed 3261 collective views.




The third montage won the Unterganger Awards of September 2015 for Best Video Game Parody. The fourth montage would win the same award in March 2016.


  • The end credits for both the second and third montages promised the releases of parodies that ended up being scrapped; the second montage mentioned that the next montage would involve Final Fantasy VII, which ended up not being the case; another parody was made to make up for this.
    The third montage promised the release of The Downfall of Godzilla series; while the first episode was eventually released, it ended up being blocked worldwide by Toho on YouTube. This, along with other factors caused the immediate cancellation of the series, which is currently being reworked.
  • In the first montage, Hitler tells Jodl, who is playing Panzer Front and using a Tiger tank, not to "fuck up like he did years ago IRL". This is a reference to Staedty86's parody, Hitler and the driving lessons, where Jodl is shown learning how to drive a Tiger tank only to crash to a nearby streetlight.
  • The fourth montage uses entirely custom music; this is a feature that is present only in the PSP version of Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes, which is the main subject of the montage.
    • In the comments section of the montage, JJ All-star felt that Krebs, who played as Kamen Rider Kaixa, should be using a "fish Rider". Alexander revealed that during the making of the parody he didn't realize that Amazon counts as such because of one of his motifs (angler fish). Another viewer later told him that Raia also qualifies because of his stingray motif.

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