Stephan Zacharias


Stephan Zacharias


20 October 1956, Hamburg, West Germany



Known for

Composing the music score for Downfall

Stephan Zacharias (born 20 October 1956) is a German music composer, who composed the music score for the movie Downfall.

Stephan was born in Hamburg, Germany. His father is the eminent violinist Helmut Zacharias, who is known primarily as a composer for films and television productions.

He studied at the Hochschule for Music in Hamburg. Later he worked with Jon Flemming Olsen in two band projects called "The Sirens" and "The Bietels". Olli Dittrich was the third Member of "Bietels". Since 1994, his work is limited almost exclusively to film scores.

His most well known work is the music score of Downfall.

He currently lives in Berlin.



Sound department

  • Wer liebt, hat Recht (2002)
  • Ein mörderischer Plan (2001)
  • Vera Brühne (2001)
  • Seitensprung ins Glück (2000)
  • Der grosse Bagarozy (1999)
  • Ich habe nein gesagt (1999)
  • Late Show (1999)
  • Der Rosenmörder (1998)
  • Angeschlagen (1997)
  • Anekdote aus dem letzten preußischen Kriege (1995)
  • Silent Love (1994)


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