The Soviet women in the Bunker is a scene in Downfall rarely used by Untergangers in the parodies.

In Downfall

The scene begins outside the Führerbunker on the evening of 2 May, where Johannes Hentschel looks at the pit where the burned corpses of Hitler and Eva were supposed to be and then at Magda and Joseph's ones. He returns to the Bunker, where he sees Krebs' and Burgdorf's bodies, their heads covered by handkerchiefs, with blood on the wall. Hentschel hears some noises and sees a group of Soviet women, nurses to be more exact, looting through the bunker. They see him and shout at him to hold. Hentschel raises his hands in surrender. The lead woman asks him where Hitler is. He tells them that Hitler and his wife killed themselves. She then asks him to be taken to Eva's wardrobe. Hentschel asks them not to open the door to the Goebbels children's room, which they do anyway and find the bodies of the kids. The lead woman exits with a horrified expression and looks at Hentschel.

The last scene shows the women looting through the clothes.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is rarely used in Downfall Parodies. This could be related to the disturbing content (the dead children).

One notable example of how the scene is used, can be found in The Assassination of Hitler.

In one parody, the Soviet women are looking for the toilet. In other parodies, the Soviet women are in the bunker to meet either Fegelein or Hitler. In yet another parody, Hitler rick-rolls the Soviets.


  • The scene can be found only in the Extended Version.


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