“Untergang universe with Gundams”
―His channel art picture
“Ultimately, Fegelein is an Innovade”
―His channel description

Sonic7emerald is a fourth-generation Unterganger from Hong Kong who started making Downfall parodies in January 2016.


Humble beginnings

Sonic7emerald found out about the meme in 2014. After watching a few parodies made by Hitler Rants Parodies, he was inspired to make some parodies himself as well. Unfortunately, the first two parodies he made in 2014 were never uploaded to his channel for unknown reasons (though he claims that they were failures a few months after he became an Unterganger).

After this, he stopped making parodies until an incident occurred in his home country of Hong Kong. That parody became the first parody uploaded to his channel (although he considered it a failure as well). Since then, he started experimenting with different styles of parodies and more complicated techniques, such as using FX, and he slowly started to gain popularity.

Cursed destiny

His first few months as an Unterganger wasn't very lucky. He had an ambitious goal, which was to win an Unterganger Award as soon as possible. However, he seemed to have a rather cursed destiny of being beaten by other Untergangers every time. He nearly caused a community drama when he was beaten by QuestionTuesdayFTW in January's Unterganger Awards, and had lost some favor with the community as a result. Since then, he no longer took the UA that seriously (despite being occasionally mocked by other Untergangers).

However, on May 2016, the "curse" was broken when his parody, Hitler is in the opening of Gundam 00, won the Unterganger Awards of that month for Best Humorous Parody. The results were ironically uploaded on his birthday (or rather, intended to be).

Dormancy and return

On 18 July 2016, he announced his channel would undergo a three-week dormancy due to a study trip to Australia.

The dormancy ended on August 9, 2016, with his Hitler is informed that sonic7emerald has 100 subscribers parody.

He also won the Best Unterganger Award in December 2016 despite the drama occured during the vote.

As of March 2017 he is currently undergoing another dormancy due to personal issues.

Parody style

Most of his parodies are either traditional or modified traditional parodies. However, he has also made 2 DPMVs and has begun making story-based parodies recently. Also, some of his parody features FX effects as well.

He sometimes makes Youtube Poops as well.

Notable parodies

Date Parody Significance
January 2016 Hitler rages at a missing person case(debut of sonic7emerald) Sonic's first parody
March 2016 Adolf Hitler - Fegel Stalin Sonic's first DPMV
May 2016 Hitler is in the opening of Gundam 00 Sonic's first parody to win the Unterganger Awards. (Most Humorous)
June 2016 Hitler finds out that Brexit is happening Sonic's most viewed parody as of August 2016. Won Unterganger Awards (Best Current Events)
June 2016 Adolf Hitler - Just VERRAT (feat. Jodl, Krebs & Burgdorf) Sonic's 2nd DPMV, and his entry for the Hitler Tunes DPMV Contest, which received 4th place.
July 2016 Hitler sends Goring to Africa S02E03 Part of the community project Hitler Sends Göring to Africa, and his entry for the The Hitler Rants Parodies Contest 2016, which received 14th place. Won Unterganger Awards (Best Story-Based)


  • He is a huge Gundam fan due to the fact that his parodies often contains references to various Gundam series.
    • Despite this, he really, REALLY hates Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny; a hatred shared by many other (but not all) Gundam fans. However, a running joke in the Unterganger chat suggests that this is not the case.
  • He is a mod on The Downfall Parodies Society Chat Room and the Hitler Rants Parodies Discord.
  • Like KurwaAntics, he writes in a quite decent English despite being a Hongkonger.

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