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PedoBurgdorf doing his best.

The Singing Burgdorf is a parody series that features Burgdorf, or rather, his actor Justus von Dohnáyi singing. The parodies uses clips from Downfall and both Männerherzen ("Men's Heart") 1 and 2, assuming any character portrayed by Dohnayi as Burgdorf. When the clips used are non-Downfall they are both actor and musical parodies.


While musical parodies has been around for a while, it is not until the release of Mannerherzen [2009], with Dohnayi as one of the main actors, that untergangers begin making the connection of Justus' role in that film Bruce Berger with his Downfall one Wilhelm Burgdorf. The first known parody that ties these two characters into one is Hitler and the singing Burgdorf incident by Hitler Rants Parodies, spoofing the in-film song Alle Kinder Dieser Erde. This was the direct inspiration for the video Wilhelm Burgdorf - Greatest in the Reich by kingtom. Many other similar parodies have been produced, more so since the release of Männerherzen 2, particularly by evilrobottolhurst.

BurgdorfVEVO YouTube channel was set up around the end of 2011 to expand this sub-meme more, though the channel is now dormant.

Notable Parodies

Hitler and the singing Burgdorf incident

  • Posted 27 June 2011
  • Created by Hitler Rants Parodies

The very first video to use clips from Männerherzen in parodies.

Wilhelm Burgdorf - Greatest in the Reich

  • Posted 8 August 2011
  • Created by kingtom

This is a continuation of Hitler and the Singing Burgdorf incident parody by Hitler Rants Parodies. It uses the full clip from Männerherzen to create a proper music video. It might also directly inspired evilrobottolhurst to produce similar parodies that eventually make this a viable sub-meme.

Singing Burgdorf: The Great Bruno Ganz -Reich School Musical 2

  • Posted: 6 October 2011
  • Created by: evilrobottolhurst

Singing Burgdorf: The Great Bruno Ganz -Reich School Musical 2 is a musical parody created by evilrobottolhurst and uploaded on YouTube on 6 Oct. 2011. Surprisingly, as of September 2012 the video has earned only 1941 views.

The song is taken directly from the film Männerherzen 2, which includes Justus performing. The fake lyrics are almost identical to the original ones.

A parody about Burgdorf's addiction to vodka has also been made and is on the BurgdorfVEVO channel

Dolfy feat. Burgy - Love The Way You Rant

The first Singing Burgdorf that uses clips from Downfall, though Hitler is the main singer. The parody had garnered only around 750 views. It was inspired by engineershitlerrants's Hitler - The Fuhrerbunker (Downfall Parody Music Video)

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