Shiga95, also known as Angel-Neko_X, was an French Unterganger who specialized in various Downfall parodies and video game playthroughs, such as those of Doom and Garry's Mod.


Shiga often makes his parodies using Garry's Mod (such as Painis Cupcake for example), with Hitler encountering various characters ingame, or being pestered by Fegelein's antics. He also came up with a fictional character known as Julia Fegelein, the antic master's little sister who appeared in a few videos.

A fan of the Hitler's Pencil of Doom and Burgdorf's pistol of armageddon, he created his own superweapon for Alfred Jodl, known as the "Skull brightness Doomsday". Jodl would describe his target, and then his head would shine so bright that the target is destroyed.

Some of his parodies are traditional, (Pros and cons, Gunsche's fail pros and random audio montage)


Hitler meets the Fegelein's little sister02:13

Hitler meets the Fegelein's little sister

Fegelein and his disciples01:23

Fegelein and his disciples

His 5 top of downfall parodies (per views)


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