The Schenck enters the shelter scene is a scene in Downfall rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

This scene depicts Mohnke and Schenck’s arrival at the Chancellery. Eventually, Schenck enters the shelter, where he finds many civilians as well as wounded soldiers. The scene ends when Haase asks Schenck if he can operate, to which Schenck replies with "Not really". This scene is followed immediately with Mohnke talking to Goebbels.

In parodies

This scene is rarely used, probably because of the lack of things in this scene to parody. It is mainly used in story-based parodies such as TheUnknownHitler’s The Downfall of Micwan32.

Schenck and Müller in a truck
Schenck enters the shelter
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Mohnke talks to Goebbels

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