The scene with Schenck and Müller in a truck is a scene from Downfall. It is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

The scene begins with Müller driving a truck with Schenck beside him. Upon hearing a few gunshots, however, Schenck tells Müller to stop. Shortly, two elderly Volkssturm members reach the truck and tell the people inside to help them escape the Greifkommando, which eventually caught them and dragged them away. Schenck steps out of the car and Müller grabs an MP38 before following Schenck.

The Greifkommando party is later seen beating up the two men until Schenck told them to stop. He also ordered them to let the men go, but the commander of the party refused, explaining that the old men deserve to be shot for deserting. Schenck tells them that they caught old men and they can't just shoot civilians. The commander, however, shoots the old men immediately, and taunts Schenck and Muller, "Who could stop me? You, maybe?" Müller raises his gun and orders them to stop. The Greifkommando party also raises theirs, but after realizing they're in a Mexican standoff, they all lower the weapons and leave. He looks one last time back before leaving.

The scene can be considered quite disturbing by some viewers, due to the cold-blooded murder of the two men who begged for help.

In Downfall Parodies

This scene is used in only a few Downfall parodies, most of them story-based, due to the gruesome nature of it. MabusParodies used the scene in his parody entitled "Nazis execute Untergangers", alluding to the DMCA takedowns that Constantin Films did against Downfall parodies.

The scene is also used in Joster285’s series, The Console Wars (the extended version to be precise), and in Ebenezer Hitler: A Nazi Christmas Carol by Pikachu. In the context of the former parody, the Greifkommando troops are portrayed as hardcore PC gamers, while the Volkssturm members are portrayed as Angry Birds players.


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