Retirement is when an Unterganger, due to either lack of ideas (Unterganger's Block), time, interest or any number of other reasons, quits parody-making, either for a short time or permanently.

Some retired Untergangers have chosen to close their accounts following their departure (this is known as Suicide, which in turn was coined from the fact that most high-ranking Nazi officers, including Hitler himself, ended their careers by committing suicide), but many others choose to leave their accounts open, allowing people to still view their videos.

Executions (forced retirement or termination) may also occur if YouTube has decided to close down an Unterganger's account due to what they see as a "copyright violation". The Unterganger may give up on parody making entirely, rendering them effectively retired, but in many cases they simply opened a new account, so the retirement phase might only be brief.

Becoming retired

There are in general several things that are looked for in determining whether an Unterganger is retired:

Retirement announcement
An Unterganger is said to be officially retired when (s)he announces his/her retirement, either through a video, a forum post, or any other means of communication, as long as the rest of the community is made known of it.
Extended dormancy
These are Untergangers who had shown virtually no activity on his/her YouTube account for an extended period of time, longer than what is accepted for being dormant (mileages vary). See Dormant Untergangers.
Shift to other interests
This is when the YouTube channel of a former Unterganger is still active - publishing videos, making comments, and other activity - but the videos are no longer Downfall parodies, or other parodies related to the Parody Universe.
The distinction might be blurry to some Untergangers who routinely publish non-Unterganging parodies from time to time, but in most cases it is clear-cut (e.g. Untergangers who used to publish parodies exclusively now publishes no parodies whatsoever.)


An Unterganger is said to have returned when (s)he comes out of retirement and resumes parody work. Some choose to revive their old YouTube channel, while others (including Untergangers who had their channels "Executed") opened a new channel and re-uploaded their old parodies.

In most cases, the Unterganger is simply referred as being "Active" again; They would only be given formal "Returned" status (e.g. in the List of Untergangers) when they have their previous YouTube channel "Suicided" or "Executed".

Temporarily Retired Untergangers/Untergangers on Leave

  • (None currently)

Retired Untergangers

This chart is incomplete. For a full list of retired Untergangers, please refer to Category:Retired Untergangers

In alphabetical order, they are:

Unterganger Status Date Observations
aethersb Retired 19 February 2010
AlbertHallProds Retired

17 July 2009

Bluesno1fann Retired for an indefinite period 6 August 2013 Simply lost interest, hurt by obscurity, and Lack of Time to create videos
CanaDolfy98 Suicide Retired February 2, 2016, Suicide April 26, 2016 Lack of inspiration, Unterganger of the Year scandal
ChileanAntics Suicide 30 May 2011 (closed his channel on 13 January 2012)
Deficere2 Terminated 2015 Multiple "copyright violations" by YouTube
DeltaForce62 Suicide 13 February 2012
DReaperF4 Retired December 2009
DXFan619GotSuspended Executed 2011 (returned as DXFan619Revisited) Removed all of his Downfall parodies in 2013.
EvilGamer100 Retired December 2010
FegelAntics Suicide August 2016 Was forced out of the community after an incident in the chat room. Channel closed at an unknown point.
giuguletzu Suicide November 2011
Ggctuk2005 Retired 10 April 2011 (returned as Ggctuk2011)
GotterakaThing Retired 2011
HeyItsPiplup Disconnected 2011 Detached from the Community
Jesse2282 Now only makes YouTube Poops
Juniermahri246 Retired 2011
KakashiBallZ Retired for an indefinite period September 2011
Kevinjanssen21 Suicide July 8, 2011 (returned as HermannOttoFegelein1)
KnightTemplar1453 Retired December 2013? Temporary retirement declared on date given,made permanent in May 2014.
Meowjar Retired 2011
MrTNeumann Executed 2010
Nietzscheprime‎ Retired 12 March 2012 (last video)
Placebo Suicide 2010 (returned as SubtitleComedy2012)
RedHeadMetalC Retired July 2011
Skyathaniel Retired July 2011
Smoglessbutton4 Retired 29 December 2013 Loss of motivation and lack of time
SnipSnapParodies Suicide 4 October 2016 Discontent with previous content on channel, unease with community
Soalric Parker Retired May 30, 2016 Lack of motivation, community issues
Sparx476 Suicide October 2012 reuploaded videos on MrSparx476
Steven1991 Suicide January 2012
TehProgresses Executed 2011 (returned as TehprogressesReturns - 2012)
TheAdibiazero Suicide January 2012
XenosParodies Disconnected

July 2011

Detached from the Community
Ernestjohn18 Retired for indefinite period 17 May 2012 ( Returned at October 6, 2012 ) Retired due to almost finishing high school years but now he changed it
Trapped Antics Suicide Retirement announced 31 January 2013, channel closed November 2016

Retired due to real-life personal issues and loss of motivation

Vgrx Suicide Retirement announced July 2016, channel closed September 2016

LostDownfallParodies tries to recover the most popular videos of Untergangers who were suicidal or executed and reupload them in its own YouTube channel summary although the current status of it is unknown, due to the dormancy of it's creator, Echoes1224.

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