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The "Remake a Classic" Contest is a spring contest organised by JennieParker87. The announcement video was uploaded on the 23rd of March 2017. It is JennieParker87's 10th contest.


The contestant is asked to find a parody he/she would like to remake. It can be one of their own, or someone else's. The point is to find an idea one likes. An idea that has already been used before in a parody, either by the contestant or by someone else. The contestant's mission is to use the same idea, but in a different way, in a new fresh parody.


  • Holocaust references are forbidden.
  • Highly offensive material should be avoided.
  • The parody can be max 5 minutes long.

Important Credit must be given to the person who made the original parody (which the contestant is remaking). The credit must be put in a clear place in the entry. A link to the original parody must also be in the video description of the entry. An entry will be disqualified without this. lf the contestant is remaking one of his/her own parodies, then it's enought to put a link to the original parody in the description.

Winner selection

JennieParker87 along with a few judges will select the winner. Judges will be added.


Will be added by JennieParker87

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