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A typical example of ranting.

Ranting is the act where somebody writes/speaks in an angry matter. A person who rants is usually called a ranter.

In Downfall Parodies

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This is a common gag in the Hitler Parodies. Ranting is commonly caused by Fegelein's antics, which angers the subjects, particularly Hitler, who is, arguably, the best ranter in the Parodies. However, there are other good ranters, like Burgdorf, who rants in a rather fast manner, and Goebbels. Other known ranters are Fegelein, Jodl, Keitel, and Weidling.

The most famous examples of ranting used in parodies are the Original Bunker and Hitler Reviews Scenes.

There's an annual competition where the Bunker occupants test their ranting skills, called the Rant Off held at the end of every year.

Goebbels even has a weapon called the Pencil of rantmaggedon that causes people to rant.

It is estimated that Hitler's rants can sound up to 100 decibels.

Grunting can also be heard spontaneously in the film. This is considered to be a synonym for ranting.

Famous ranters


The Hitler's generals discusses and Burgdorf gets angry scene alone saw Goebbels and three of the latter ranting one after the other.


Notable Downfall Scenes featuring heavy ranting

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