Peter returns home is a short scene in the movie Downfall in which Peter Kranz returns back home to his parents. This scene only appears in the extended version of the movie.

In Downfall

In this short but rather dramatic scene, we see Peter Kranz returning home. He finds his father Wilhelm Kranz sitting on the stairs, after which Peter hugs his father and cries. Wilhelm tells Peter that everything is alright. The scene changes, and we see Peter lying in bed, visibly sweaty, while his mother Dorothee Kranz tends to him. Dorothee looks up at Wilhelm, and says that Peter has a fever, after which Wilhelm replies with relief, "Yes, but he is alive".

In Downfall Parodies

This scene is hardly ever seen in parodies. This can probably be attributed to the fact Peter isn't a prominent character in the parodies. Most of the parodies that do use this scene are feature-length, such as the extended version of The Console Wars.


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