OP Alaraasakka (formerly Ismofani11) is a Finnish Unterganger. He uploaded his first parody on 9 November 2011, and he has been a somewhat active Unterganger. He does not upload many parodies in a year because of his busy schedule and lack of ideas. He does not have a channel only for parodies.

His most noted parodies so far have been Hitler speaks like Boomhauer, Hitler eats Jodl and What happens when Hitler smokes weed?

He is a committed user of Windows Movie Maker, and all of his edited pictures have been edited by MS Paint. His only work with Sony Vegas so far has been a video reverse.

His style could be described as traditional, simple and "easy."

Most usual quotes

  • "Damn it, Jodl, why not?" - Adolf Hitler (also used by many others)
  • " friend Tut." - Adolf Hitler
  • "Mein Führer, I don't want you to do that!" - Alfred Jodl

How he sees the Downfall characters?


  • Günsche isn't really stupid. He just plays stupid with Hitler to make him angry.
  • His job is to inform everyone around the bunker.


  • He has given Kempka a bigger role. Unlike most Untergangers, he has used Kempka in many of his parodies.
  • His job is to answer to Günsche's phone calls and ask why Günsche wants him to do something.


  • He has to object even though sometimes he believes Hitler is right.
  • He has a habit of eating his head cream, which he also uses to shine his head.
  • His job is to object and start the plan conversation

Eva Braun

  • She spends Hitler's money and doesn't actually love him.
  • She has a habit of having sex with different people, because Hitler isn't capable.


  • A big crybaby who has a scary wife.
  • He doesn't really get along with Hitler because Hitler stole his dream of having an own television show.
  • His job is to complain and shout.


  • He has a family-blowing-up-fetish and he has a habit of eating unhealthy stuff like butter.
  • Hitler does not like him at all.
  • His job is to try informing Hitler, but he tends to fail.

Trivia about him

  • He was born in September 1996.
  • His hobbies include music and gaming.
  • His favourite Downfall scene is the one with Hitler laughing, commenting on "Die Logik der Frauen."
  • He studies at a university in Finland.