Norbert Heckner
Norbert Heckner


18 May 1953

Known for

  • Playing Walter Wagner in Downfall
  • Dr. Wüst in Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage


Actor, comedian


1.73 m
(5' 8")

Norbert Heckner (born 18 May 1953, Munich) is a German actor and comedian.

Heckner was born in Munich. He trained as an actor with Peter Rieckmann, at the Kreide Theatre in Munich. In 1978 held a novice engagement at Coburg State Theatre. After he graduated, he began to appear in films. In 1979 he got his first role in "The wonderful years" by Franz Seitz and Rudolf Noelte.

His biggest roles, are in Downfall, where he played Walter Wagner, the man who wed Hitler to Eva Braun and in Sophie Scholl - The Final Days, where he portrayed Dr. Wüst. He also starred in many TV productions, such as Tatort, For Heaven's Sake and many others.

As a comedian, he played two solo programs, Wer bremst? (Hit the brakes?) and Jetzt freu dich halt (Looking forward now hold you).

Norbert Heckner lives with his wife, actress Adela Florow, and their son Benjamin in Munich.


  • Klarer Fall für Bär (2011) .... Marktleiter
  • Entführt (2009) .... Reiminger
  • Tod einer Freundin (2006) .... Profiler
  • Rettet die Weihnachtsgans (2006) ....
  • Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage (2005) .... Professor Wüst
  • Downfall (2004) .... Standesbeamter Wagner
  • Der Bulle von Tölz - Strahlende Schönheit (2003) .... Dr. Sprung
  • Der Bulle von Tölz - Süße Versuchung (2003) .... Dr. Sprung
  • Verlorenes Land (2002) .... Wirt im Hotel Astor
  • Geregelte Verhältnisse (2001) .... Herr Faltermayer
  • Der Bulle von Tölz - Treibjagd (2000) .... Dr. Sprung
  • Der Bulle von Tölz - Schöne, heile Welt (2000) .... Dr. Sprung
  • Stürmischer Sommer (1998) ....
  • Muttertag (1997) ....
  • Eine Herzensangelegenheit (1997) ....
  • Lauras Entscheidung (1994) ....
  • Die Distel (1992) .... police officer
  • Erfolg (1991) ....
  • Auf dem Nockherberg (TV Series) (1982) .... Erwin Huber
  • Der Bulle von Tölz - Der Heiratskandidat (2003) .... Dr. Sprung

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