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“The next parody starts.”
―Tagline Intro in Nexus639's videos

Nexus639 is a Filipino Fourth-generation Unterganger who started to make parodies in March 2016. He established his channel in April 2014 though his first parody was made in March 2016. He has 65 subscribers and over 10,500 views on his channel as of January 2017.


Nexus first watched parodies way early before he became an Unterganger, in 2013. In April 2014, he established his channel and named it LanceXgames Channels. He later cringes out of it (and eventually deletes it) and created another channel called LanceXgamers. He didn't do much on it for 2 years except upload 3 videos and comment on other videos. In March 2016, he uploaded a short and simple parody based on the Hitler is informed scene though the video didn't gain many views. In April 2016, he officially started making parodies, he also deleted some of his old videos and changed his channel name to neptunium93, FlutterHit062, Nexus632, and eventually his current channel name Nexus639.

He usually uploads on weekends or on certain days because he can't use his laptop (where he makes his parodies) during the weekdays. He is very active within the chat-room.


Nexus uses Windows Movie Maker because he can't install the Serial Keys to activate advanced video-editing software but he made one parody using chroma-keying from Camtasia Stuido. His parodies are mostly traditional but he also made a few Video Game-based parodies.

His intro and outro style changed a couple of times during his career, in his first two parodies, he used no intro or outro. As neptunium93, he used a still title shot of the parody featured and a subscribe outro with music. He did the same as FlutterHit062 but he removed the outro section. As Nexus632, he uses an animation based intro and outro and depending on the parody, it can feature just an outro. He uses the same style as Nexus639 but improved it further. He uses a short splash text for short-spanned parodies.


  • He was once locked out of his DPF forum account due to a password problem but he managed to get it back later.
  • He is a huge fan of Metal music.
  • He has a DeviantArt account.
  • He claims the reason he changed his channel name from Nexus632 to Nexus639 is because of Micwan32's short-lived return.

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