NavyLand is a navy-themed amusement park created by Captain Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock and run mainly by the crew of U-96. Despite being located underwater, the park boasts many exciting attractions such as the "Spinning Battleship" and the "Submarine Roller Coaster", as well as various games such as "Depth Charge the Submarine"


NavyLand was first introduced in the video "Captain Willenbrock Starts a Theme Park", in which the Captain learns about the success of various other theme parks, namely Adolf Hitler's Deutsch Land, Hermann Otto Fegelein's FegelLand, and Mikhail Tukhachevsky's new theme park located in Moscow.

Current Status

The park was recently opened for business in a fancy party, where a large number of navy men arrived and enjoyed various activities before Captain Philipp Thomsen finally arrived to officially declare the park open. It has since become a huge success.


Captain Willenbrock Starts a Theme Park09:37

Captain Willenbrock Starts a Theme Park

Captain Willenbrock Starts a Theme Park

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