Mohnke calls Schenck is a scene in Downfall which has been used in parodies. It occurs fairly early in the film, when the Siege of Berlin is in its early phase.

Among the many phone scenes in the film, this one is perhaps the second most sought after in story-driven parodies after the Hitler Phone Scene.

In Downfall

The scene begins with the building where Schenck was when the documents were burned. It is now deserted, with papers scattered everywhere. A phone is heard ringing, echoing along the empty hallways. Schenck springs into view, running barefoot on the hallway. He grabs the phone to find Mohnke on the calling end. The latter tells the former that he's at the Chancellery Bunker, defending the Government District and he needs help. Schenck tells him that only he and his adjutant are still in the building. Mohnke asks him if he's a doctor, to which he acknowledges that he's an internist. Mohnke requests Schenck to find a truck and bring him all the morphine, penicillin and first-aid supplies that he can find. Schenck agrees and Mohnke thanks him, ending the call.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is not widely used and is usually found in longer parodies. Usually, Mohnke would be calling Schenck, but cases where he calls someone else exists, such as Otto Günsche or Hitler. This is true for Schenck as well.

In thenewyorkcitay's parody (name of parody unknown) about Mohnke being called monkey, he calls Günsche and asks him to spread nasty rumors bout the generals in order to frame and exact revenge on Hitler who called him a monkey early in the parody. In Hitler Kidnaps the Goebbels Children, Mohnke calls Schenck, telling him that he suspects that Hitler is behind the kidnappings.

In FegeleintheLostTapes' The GoebbelMan, Schenck is first called by the GoebbelMan, after which he gets called by Mohnke.

In mfaizsyahmi's Hitler calls Gotye, Schenck gets a phone call from Gotye, who proceeds to sing vulgar words. He hangs up as soon as the other finishes. Schenck also appears in one of mfaizsyahmi's outros, where he rushes to answer the phone only to find out it was Fegelein prank-calling.

In JennieParker87's A strange parody 1, Schenck is seen talking to Hitler on the phone. Hitler complains about a medical issue, which leads to Schenck hanging up in disgust.

Hitler Rants Parodies has made a few phone scene compilation videos, such as Hitler Provides IT Support, where many people are calling Hitler. Both parts of this scene, Mohnke on the phone, and Schenck on the phone are used in these kinds of parodies.


  • Helmuth Weidling can be seen briefly in the end of the scene, and the next scene starts seamlessly, following Weidling as he makes his way to the bunker.
  • In almost all cases Mohnke identifies himself as "Bonkers" in the parodies.


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