local markers = {
    UotM  = "[[File:UotM medal.png|16px|link=Unterganger of the Month]]",
    PotM  = "[[File:PotM medal.png|16px|link=Parody of the Month]]",
    UA    = "[[File:UA medal.png|16px|link=Unterganger Awards]]",
    HoF   = "[[File:HoF medal.png|16px|link=Unterganger Hall of Fame]]",
    BNUU = "[[File:BestNew medal.png|16px|link=Best New/Unknown Unterganger Award]]",
    ULAA  = "[[File:ULAA medal.png|16px|link=Unterganger Lifetime Achievement Award]]",
    BUA   = "[[File:BUA medal.png|16px|link=Best Unterganger Award]]",
    UotY  = "[[File:UotY medal.png|16px|link=Unterganger of the Year]]",
    PotY  = "[[File:PotY medal.png|16px|link=Parody of the Year]]",
    ironcross = "[[File:Iron_cross.gif]]",
    HPW   = "[[File:HPW icon.png|16px]]"
return markers
-- NOTE BNUU, module needs to check this specific case

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