Celemony Melodyne
Melodyne 3.1


Celemony Software GmbH

Operating system

Windows, Mac OS X



Latest stable version


Celemony Melodyne is an audio pitch modification tool developed by Celemony Software GmbH. Like the infamous Auto-Tune by Antares Audio Technologies, Melodyne is used for correcting or deliberately alter or distort vocal tracks from a song.

The tool has been used by a large number of professional record producers, namely Coldplay, Thomas Newman and several others, to tune and manipulate audio signals, typically a singer's vocals.

Use in Downfall Parodies

Among Untergangers, only Deficere2 and Vgrx are known to have used Melodyne for their musical parodies, altering Hitler's pitch in tune to the music.

However, in an attempt to recreate Deficere2's style, Venkyra21 has used Melodyne to make his Adolf Hitler - DADDY (Parody of PSY's DADDY) DPMV. This resulted in a bandwagon effect where many Untergangers used this program for DPMVs entered into the Hitler Tunes DPMV Contest. (Venkyra21's parody being one of them)

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