The Magda, Eva and Bormann Talks to Speer Scene is a scene in Downfall sometimes used in Downfall Parodies.

In Downfall

The scene begins with Speer visiting Magda in bed, asking her to spare the kids. Afterwards he goes to Eva's room. The scene then shows Speer in the hallway, after he exited Eva's room. Bormann, who was sleeping, wakes up and walks to Speer. He asks him to tell the Führer to leave Berlin, since he believes he'll only listen to him. He grabs Speer telling him that if they don't leave, the Bolsheviks will slit their throats. Speer, a bit upset, leaves to meet Hitler. He knocks on the door, as the next scene starts seamlessly.

In Downfall Parodies

Hitler Rants Parodies used Bormann's part of the scene in a parody, where he goes on a drunken ramble to Speer. Parker87 used Magda's part in a parody, where Hitler is under her bed. Parker87 also used the part with Bormann in her parody The Bunker Tests - Part 3 (Shorter episode), in which Bormann is seen trying to resist touching Speer.



  • The scene where Bormann talks to Speer is only present in the Extended Edition. Also, Speer telling Magda he will visit her again before leaving Berlin and before exiting the room is only present in the Extended Edition.

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