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MOTURK49 is an American YouTube user, who is known for, and is miscredited for, re-uploading the Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live parody made by Bowlch, the most watched Downfall parody with 9,031,960 views as of June 2016.

Like many other parodies, it was blocked during mid-2010 DMCA crisis, and then unblocked in October 2010. MOTURK49's last activity was in October 2010 when he favorited and liked two videos. Due to the fact that he was the one who re-uploaded the parody, it can be assumed that his only Unterganging activity was the reupload.

Apart from the well known parody, he also uploaded six more videos that are non-Downfall parodies. He was considered to be one of "The Founding Fathers" of the Downfall parody meme, along with DReaperF4.

He was miscredited with being the creator of the parody until January 2017, when Venkyra21 used the Wayback Machine and found out that, in fact, the aformentioned Bowlch was the original creator of the parody, which was proven by further research.

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