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A mondegreen is the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of near homophony, in a way that gives it a new meaning. A closely related category is the soramimi, which are songs that produce different meanings from those originally intended when interpreted in another language. The unintentional use of similar-sounding words or phrase in speech is a malapropism.

Because not everybody knows German, many German and some Russian expressions from Downfall have been interpreted by people who speak little or none of either language in many humorous ways, and some have even become famous expressions. They are usually pointed out in "X says Y for Z minutes" video series.

The following is a [non-exhaustive] list of mondegreens, listed by character surname, and sorted chronologically:

Phrase The actual spoken line
Mondegreen What people think they hear
Introduced Who introduced/pointed out the mondegreen
Scene The scene where the phrase is spoken

Downfall characters

Alwin-Broder Albrecht

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Er ist und bleibt eben der Führer He is the bloody the Führer Elijah Hee Keitel, Krebs and others talk

Wilhelm Burgdorf

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Mehr gesehen Magazine MabusParodies Hitler Eating Scene

Vasily Chuikov

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Sledyushie Douche MabusParodies Krebs meets General Chuikov
 ?? Gay mfaizsyahmi Krebs meets General Chuikov

Hermann Fegelein

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Vegetarier ist Guitarist MabusParodies Himmler and Fegelein at the garage
Fantasie Fanta sea unknown Fegelein talking to Traudl and Gerda
Heil Hitler Hey ya / I ate her / I Hit Her / Helga / Hey Hitler / Hi Hitler captainlaughable53 Fegelein Execution Scene
Spektakel beenden Taco Bell Master Studios Fegelein and Friends Scene
Prächtig und Playstation Paul Stompbox Fegelein and Friends Scene

Hans Fritzsche

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Doch alles Toilet Nerdington 0 Goebbels Rants Scene

Joseph Goebbels

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene

Nie geheuer

Nigga MabusParodies Hitler is informed scene
Putsch Pooch Soalric Parker Hitler is informed scene
Nie Knee / Ni (see Monty Python) jesse2282 Hitler wedding scene
Nie einem Nyan / I need MabusParodies / PiretBCN Hitler wedding scene
Gegen die Giggity Staedty86 Goebbels Rants Scene
Kippe Kipper Hitlerrantsparodies Hitler Plans Scene
Erzielen Brazil CanaDolfy98 Hitler Planning Scene
Abgewischt Activision CanaDolfy98 Hitler talks about the Battle of Berlin
Das ist empörend This is absurd / That is absurd Hitler Rants Parodies Goebbels Rants Scene

Hermann Göring

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Deutschland ???? Deutschland Drink Paul Stompbox Mathias Gnädinger (Hermann Göring) Interview

Walther Hewel

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Sorge Saga MabusParodies Hitler Is Informed Scene
Darf ich Daffy MabusParodies Bunker Jokes

Adolf Hitler

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Koller! Geben Sie mir Koller. Cola? Give me the cola. Dolfy Hitler Parodies Hitler Phone Scene
Zu spät Douchebag Unknown Himmler greets Hitler Scene
Politik / Politik Polly Tick / Dick jesse2282 / Unknown Himmler greets Hitler Scene
Antiken Antic MabusParodies Hitler walks around the model of Berlin
Busse Posse / Pussy Unknown / Unknown Hitler Planning Scene
Wo er steht Steak/Pork steak AGParodies/subtitlecomedy Hitler Planning Scene
Sowjetverbände Soviet Fat Banger Johnnomonster Hitler Planning Scene
Wenck Fine / Wank / Think / Bank Hitlerrantsparodies / Unknown / Unknown / avojaifnot Hitler Planning Scene
Haben Sie noch Bald Pachino Paul Stompbox Hitler Planning Scene
Zweifel an meinem Befehl?! Fegelein NeinTails95NL Hitler Planning Scene
Ich glaube Globe NeinTails95NL Hitler Planning Scene
Ausgedrückt Oust Kittredge / Get wrecked / Get rekt Mfaizsyahmi / Paul Stompbox Hitler Planning Scene
Der Kampf um Berlin I come from Berlin Elijah Hee Hitler Planning Scene
Monhke Monkey/Bonkers Unknown/Unknown Hitler Planning Scene
Monhke Okay Parker87 Hitler Planning Scene
Vorfinden Forfeit WonkyTonkBotty Hitler and Speer chat
Ordnung kommen Hong Kong MabusParodies Original Bunker Scene
Wer sind Sie They're sexy Trend101Warrior Original Bunker Scene
Ein Befehl Epic fail Videosince1987 /ASH ASSHOLELA Original Bunker Scene
SS Ass ass NeinTails95NL Original Bunker Scene
Als ein Haufen Awesome MabusParodies Original Bunker Scene
Feiglinge Fight nigga / Fight ninja / Frightening girl mythplatypuspwned / Unknown Original Bunker Scene
Sie ist ohne Ehre She stole the heroin / He stole the air /

shit on the air / She's tsundere / She's so there / She's down there / Tastes so rare

SuperScaryZombie / Nintendomanic / mumphis18 Original Bunker Scene
Militärakademien Theatre Unknown Original Bunker Scene
In den Weg gelegt Wikileaks / Ya break ya legs 20fadhil / Unknown Original Bunker Scene
tte gut daran getan Der Untergang NeinTails95NL Original Bunker Scene
Bezahlen Charlie / Charles Unknown / Unknown Original Bunker Scene
Kampf Kung Fu MabusParodies Original Bunker Scene
Der Krieg ist verloren The Greek is alone Elijah Hee Original Bunker Scene
Pflicht Fish CanaDolfy98 Hitler talks about the Battle of Berlin
Abreisen Uprising Benad361 & hitchcockjohn Hitler talks to Keitel
Frau LOL / Blow / Roll WonkyTonkBotty / Subtitlecomedy / MarkusIzr Hitler Laughing Scene
Versager Fat sucker / Persona / A saga NeinTails95NL / FegeleintheLostTapes / s2iDP Hitler is informed scene
Parvenu, ein Faulpelz Vanilla Volbeats WonkyTonkBotty Hitler Is Informed Scene
Faulpelz Vulpix Vulpix95NL Hitler Is Informed Scene
An die Wand stellen Wankstain Benad361 / Hitlerrantsparodies Hitler is informed scene
Allein dafür I am deaf / I am daft / I like TAF / I like Duff / I´m tough! / Alec Duff NeinTails95NL / smoglessbutton4 /FerrovieAgrigentine / CoolmanJV / Kdssow / FlyingParafin Hitler is informed scene
Dieser Morphinist I'm not finished Hitlerrantsparodies / S2iDP Hitler is informed scene
Und jetzt das Who gets gas / Gets ass WonkyTonkBotty / MabusParodies Hitler is informed scene
Umkrempeln Crappy Unknown Hitler Eating Scene
Unerbittlich Epic / Epicly / Epic Lee / A pity Unknown / Unknown / jesse2282 / MabusParodies Hitler Eating Scene
Ursünde Awesome Unknown Hitler Eating Scene
Gemeinschaftsfremd tot French toast / My friend Tut Steven1991 / Ismofani11 Hitler Eating Scene
Menschen gelten Mention it / Michigan Unknown / ThatbunnyboyPSN Hitler Eating Scene
Unter allen Utah NeinTails95NL Hitler Eating Scene
Ausgerechnet Auh guillemsugus Hitler Eating Scene
Unter allen ausgerechnet Himmler! Fuck that high, all-star reichstag Himmler! shutuplawrence Hitler Eating Scene
Der Treueste der Treuen Trolls gonna troll / Detroit in Detroit Unknown / Benad361 / DictatorAntics Hitler Eating Scene
JA, VIELLEICHT SCHON TOT! DART! Unknown Hitler Eating Scene
Und holen sie mir Fegelein! Poland sent me Fegelein! IG86 Hitler Eating Scene
Sofort zerbricht Fuck the police mfaizsyahmi Hitler Eating Scene
Gigantischen Can Fish MisterTalkingMachine Hitler Explains Scene
Dönitz Dammit / damnit MisterTalkingMachine Hitler Explains Scene
 ???? Vermin JennieParker87 Hitler Explains Scene
Ihnen… kommende Generationen dankbar sein Incompetent, outright dumbass [like] Mfaizsyahmi Hitler Reviews Scene
Sofort! So fucked / Fucked / The fuck / A fart / So Fart / S'a fact / It sucks / Saw fart Unknown / Unknown / Unknown / Unknown / FegeleintheLostTapes / Hitler Rants Parodies / Paul Stompbox Hitler Reviews Scene
Fahnenflucht Fun fruct / Fun Flute / Fan flirt Unknown / Unknown / Unknown Hitler Reviews Scene
Verrat Fat rat / For rat / Ferret / Fanart Unknown / Unknown / Mfaizsyahmi / 0YTMan Hitler Reviews Scene
Fegelein Get a life / Fag a lie Unknown / Unknown Hitler Reviews Scene
Bringen Sie mir Fegelein Bring a singing Fegelein HeyItsPiplup Hitler Reviews Scene
Wenck will komm. Wenck will cum. Unknown / IG86 Weidling and Mohnke inform Hitler
Wille Villain / Willy MabusParodies / Mfaizsyahmi Eva wants Hitler to spare Fegelein
Meinem Volk Mindfuck / Mindfork JennieParker87 / MabusParodies Hitler will scene
Schicksal And chicks JennieParker87 Magda begs Hitler
korrupt, immer schon Corrput imbecile Dolfy Hitler Parodies / Hitler Rants Parodies Hitler Eating Scene
zurückwerfen Ruff ruff Hitler Rants Parodies Hitler Planning Scene
Befehl Gay blazblad Original Bunker Scene
Kehrtmachen Kipper Paul Stompbox Hitler Planning Scene
Große Gross Paul Stompbox Speer's last conversation with Hitler

Peter Högl

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Mitnehmen Nickname/Mip-Mim MabusParodies/Benad361 Fegelein Arrest Scene
Stehen bleiben/Zimmery-zorgen Bin Laden Mfaizsyahmi/Benad361 Fegelein Execution Scene

Alfred Jodl

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Kräften, Mein Minecraft MabusParodies Hitler Planning Scene
Marschiert Shit / Ass shake MabusParodies / WonkyTonkBotty Hitler Planning Scene
Westfront Restaurant / cunt RBC56 / Unknown Hitler Planning Scene

Traudl Junge

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Bitte, Gerda Together elijahhee Original Bunker Scene
Das ist eben durchgekommen Bitches send me cum CrizerPL Hitler is informed scene

Karl Koller

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Nein. Nine.

Peter Kranz

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Feigling Weidling notoriousrob01 Hitler Youth Scene

Hans Krebs

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Bewegungsunfähig Fish / Some Fish / Awesome Fish Unknown / RebelPrizes / MabusParodies Hitler Planning Scene
Покончили с собой / Pokonchili s soboi Takanshi Is A Boy FegeleintheLostTapes Krebs meets General Chuikov Scene
вступить / vstupit’ Stupid MabusParodies Krebs meets General Chuikov Scene
Пойдёт / Pojdjot Idiots MabusParodies Krebs meets General Chuikov Scene
Feindkräfte Minecraft Paul Stompbox Hitler Planning Scene
Es ist Resist KNIGHTCleric Generals discuss and Burgdorf gets angry

Constanze Manziarly

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Leck mi’ am Lick me man unknown Himmler greets Hitler

Wilhelm Mohnke

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Kommt Cunt WonkyTonkBotty Hitler Planning Scene

Helmuth Weidling

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Offiziersjahrgänge gefallen Gay Nigga Fine biohazard434 Generals discuss and Burgdorf gets angry
Verrückt geworden Rock n' roll / Rock and roll KNIGHTCleric Generals discuss and Burgdorf gets angry
Kann Cum KNIGHTCleric Generals discuss and Burgdorf gets angry

Non-Downfall Characters

Klaus Adler

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Fehlalarm Fegalarm MabusParodies Iron Sky

Rebecca Black

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Everybody’s rushin’ Everybody’s Russian unknown "Friday"
Friday Fried egg unknown "Friday"

Dear Friend Hitler Hitler

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
I want an eye for an eye! /

Ai vont den eye for an eye!

I won't deny for an eye! MabusParodies Dear Friend Hitler

Inglourious Basterds Hitler

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nine! Nine! Nine! Nine! Nine! Nine! Inglourious Basterds Hitler Rants Scene

Kit Kittredge

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
WIR SIND KEINE EIERVERKÄUFER! Alfalfa subtitlecomedy/Mfaizsyahmi Kittredge is Informed Scene/Cincinnati School Scene

Nikita Khrushchev

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
(Unknown) You moo AnticsGoddess Khrushchev Rants Scene
(Unknown) Naruto Thunderstar01 Khrushchev Rants Scene

Joseph Stalin

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
деньги / den’gi Kinky / Pinky Benad361 / Unknown Stalin and Tukhachevsky Talk Scene
(Unknown) Fuck Unknown Stalin and Tukhachevsky Discuss Scene

Mikhail Tukhachevsky

Phrase Mondegreen Introduced Scene
Пойдёт / Pojdjot Idiots Benad361 Stalin and Tukhachevsky Talk Scene
(Unknown) Bullshit/Bullshitty Benad361 Stalin and Tukhachevsky Talk Scene

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