krazyfilmer123 otherwise known as Krazyfilms is a Canadian-Filipino Unterganger that joined YouTube in January 2011 and started "Unterganging" at Febuary 2014, making him a 3rd Generation Unterganger. He used Paint to create his profile pic.


Krazy registered an account on January 2011. Before making his YouTube channel he wanted to create a channel under the name of "PsychoFilms" but that name was already taken, so he used "Krazyfilmer123" instead.

He was introduced to Downfall in 2012 as of the 1st ever Downfall Parody.

Before, he wasn't good at Unterganging because he used YT Annotations as the subtitles which were really cheesy and cheap. As of his current parodies, he uses normal captions.


He is still active and still makes Downfall parodies.

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