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The Jodl Rebellion is a separatist/coup d'etat movement established by Jodl in response to Hitler’s plan to eliminate him (Jodl). It, so far, only appeared in Hitler Rants Parodies’ story-based series, such as the titular The Jodl Rebellion, The Assassination of Hitler, and The Brotherhood of Fegelein.



Christian Redl Alfred Jodl Hans Krebs

Jodl during the meeting.

Jodl concluded that he should initiate an all-out rebellion to crush Hitler until Hitler decided not to eliminate Jodl. Jodl then meets several Soviet generals, who supplied him with weapons and troops alike in preparation for the rebellion.


After the Jodl Rebellion declared war on Hitler, more and more Wehrmacht troops, as well as Himmler, Fegelein, and Speer began to join the rebellion under the consent that the war will destroy Germany; they concluded that by joining the rebellion and guaranteeing Jodl’s survival (and of course victory) will save the Reich. Hitler nevertheless, refused to give in to Jodl’s demands. Many times Hitler thinks that Jodl is with Fegelein which is why Hitler usually goes mad at Jodl with his shiny bald head.


As more and more Wehrmacht troops defected to the rebellion, including Wenck’s forces, Hitler ultimately surrendered and gave in to Jodl’s demands, restoring his position as plan objector.


In The Assassination of Hitler, which takes place in an alternate universe where Hitler was assassinated, the rebellion re-emerged from its state of inactivity as one of the factions fighting for control of the Reich. They continued on until the rebellion mass-suicided to prevent capture.

In The Brotherhood of Fegelein, the Jodl Rebellion gets reformed, and is allied with the titular group until Hitler eliminated Jodl, defeating the whole purpose of the rebellion.

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