Igor Romanov
Igor Romanov


Igor Romanov
Игорь Романов


date unspecified

Known for

Playing Peter Högl in Downfall


Actor, director

Alternate names

I. Romanov

Igor Romanov (Russian: Игорь Романов) is a Russian actor and director.

Igor was born in the Smolensk region, Samara. After he served in the Army, he working in the television, filming of the "Untitled", "Hidden camera". He also worked in the German theatre and cinema. In England he played along with Slava Polunin's famous play "Snow snow".

His biggest role was in the 2004 critically acclaimed German film Downfall, where he played the minor role of SS-Obersturmbannführer Peter Högl, the man who arrested and (allegedly) executed Hermann Fegelein. He only appears in three scenes, in the brothel where Fegelein was hiding, in the room where he was sleeping and outside the Chancellery where he executes Fegelein. His actual voice didn't make it in any of the released version of the film since Romanov spoke with a Russian accent and was re-dubbed.

Since then he starred in numerous TV productions, such as Rapid development, Chess, etc. He also directed the Law of the mousetrap series.


  • History hostage (2011) ... Lawyer
  • Highway Patrol - 7 (2010) ... 1st victim
  • City of Joy (2009) ... Chibisov
  • Rapid development-2 (2008) ... Vadim Deputy Samarin
  • AD (2008) ... Photographer
  • Rapid development (2007) ... Vadim Deputy Samarin
  • Law of the mousetrap (Director)
  • Conspiracy (2007) ...
  • Gangster Petersburg - 10 (Payback) (2007) ... Basil Fomich, storekeeper
  • Stolypin ... Unlearned Lessons (2006) ... episode
  • Opera-2. Homicide Chronicles (2006) ... Zuev
  • Touched (2005) ...
  • Tale (2005) ... Colonel Cucumbers
  • Chess (2004) ... Smushkevich
  • Streets of Broken Lamps-6 (2004) ... district
  • Its another life (2004) ...
  • Ivanov and Rabinovich (2004) ... fire inspector
  • Gentlemen (2004) ... Redkin
  • Downfall (2004) ... SS officer Peter Högl
  • Streets of Broken Lamps-5 (2003) ... store manager
  • Good luck, detective (2003) ... expert
  • Chelyabumbiya (2002) ...
  • Knife in the Clouds (2002) ... Yuri Kiryakov, Kaye's husband
  • Named Baron (2001) ... "Ghoul", crime boss
  • National Security Agent - 3 (2001) ... "Fang"

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