The Hitler will scene is a Downfall scene sometimes used in parodies.

In Downfall

The scene begins with Traudl in bed, waking up, realizing she had fell asleep. After she dresses, she goes downstairs and passes a corridor, where many officers and soldiers are talking. She meets Hitler and apologies for being late. They sit in a nearby room, where Traudl opens a box revealing a typewriter. Hitler then begins dictating his political testament.

As she writes down, Walter Wagner, escorted by Martin Bormann, makes his first and only appearance entering the Bunker and apologizing for his late arrival. Goebbels replies Yes. Please, sit down.

Hitler finishes dictating his testament to Traudl, by speaking of the International Jewry, to which she looks at him shocked. Hitler looks back and she finishes the sentence.

The scene in the extended edition differs a little, it features Traudl stops by at the Goebbels children's room before going to Hitler.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene has been used in several parodies. Truckman is one of the Untergangers who used the scene. It was also used in JennieParker87's A strange parody 1. The mondegreen "Mindfuck" also comes from this parody/scene.

The scene is also used by CloneOfJoster285 in his Resolution Revolution series, when Hitler orders Traudl to write down his amendments for the Console Union Act.

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