Hitler instructs how to commit suicide is a scene from Downfall. It is sometimes used in parodies.

In Downfall

The scene starts with Hitler talking to Eva Braun, Traudl Junge and Gerda Christian about how shooting oneself in the mouth is the best way to commit suicide, since it cracks the skull, which leads to an instant death. Eva is disgusted by what Hitler is saying, and she tells him that she wants to be a beautiful corpse, so she will take poison. She also says she wants a painless death. Hitler reassures her that the death is indeed painless. Gerda and Traudl then say they also want to have some poison, after which Hitler gets up to get some from a box. He then gives Traudl a capsule, while saying he is sorry for not being able to give her a nicer gift.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is used fairly often in parodies. One notable example is in Hitler's banana experience by TheSilverUniverse.


  • This is one of the few scenes in which actor Bruno Ganz hints at Hitler's slight Austrian accent. While Ganz speaks Standard German for the most parts, he pronounces the "ch" in "durch" more as a guttural sound, something most Bavarians and Austrians even do when they try to speak German without accent.
Schenck and Haase operating
Hitler instructs how to commit suicide
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Eva and Magda write their letters

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