Hitler and his generals receive a telegram from Keitel is a scene from Downfall sometimes used in parodies. Together with the next scene it is known as the Bunker Scene 4.

In Downfall

The scene begins showing Linge, Misch and Traudl inside Misch's room, with the latter two drinking coffee. They are then disturbed when Günsche ran across the corridor to deliver to the map room a telegram from Keitel, which Krebs reads to Hitler.

In the telegram, Keitel wrote that:

  1. Wenck's vanguard is stuck south of Schwielowsee,
  2. The 12th Army can't continue the attack on Berlin, and
  3. The 9th Army is completely surrounded.

After hearing Krebs read the telegram, Hitler stands up from his seat and slowly walks to the door until Weidling intercepts him to ask what they're going to do after the last ammunition reserves are exhausted. Hitler responds that he'll never surrender and he instructs them to do the same.

In Downfall Parodies

This scene is usually used in feature-length parodies. For example, in The Downfall of Gaia Online, this was used to show Hitler's departure from the bunker to meet the CEO of Gaia Interactive.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
GÜNSCHE Nachricht von Keitel. A message from Keitel.
KREBS Erste: Spitze Wenck liegt südlich Schwielowsee fest. First: Wenck's vanguard is stuck south of Schwielowsee.
Zweite: 12. Armee kann daher Angriff auf Berlin nicht fortsetzen. Second: The 12th Army cannot continue the attack on Berlin anymore.
Dritte: 9. Armee mit Masse eingeschlossen. Third: The 9th Army is completely surrounded.
WEIDLING Mein Führer, wir brauchen eine Anweisung für den Fall, dass die letzten Munition sind werden aufgebraucht. Mein Führer, we need instructions if in case the last ammunition reserves have been exhausted.
HITLER Ich werde niemals kapitulieren. Niemals. I'll never surrender. Never.
Ich untersage Ihnen, wie jedem anderen Truppenführer, die Kapitulation. Like any other commander, I forbid you to surrender.

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