Hitler and Fegelein’s gun kata duel is a parody by Gb. Alexander. As of November 2016, it is his third most popular parody, and has gained over 1,075 views and 48 likes. It won July 2015’s Parody of the Month and best FX parody in the Unterganger Awards of that month.




The parody was made using Sony Vegas Pro 11.0, like Alexander’s previous (and later) parodies. It relied heavily on special effects; the entire parody utilized a scene from the 2002 action movie Equilibrium (in this case the 16:9 version of the movie), and headpasted Hitler, Fegelein, and Günsche’s heads into the characters’ heads, namely DuPont, Preston, and Brandt, respectively. The headpastes in question were made by TheSilverUniverse and Staedty86, which are made available to download for parodymaking purposes.

Certain sound effects are also added in the parody, taken from the video game MindJack and the Michael Mann movie Collateral, starring Tom Cruise, who played Claus von Stauffenberg in Valkyrie.


  • In the credits, among the people listed in the Special Thanks section is writer Gen Urobuchi of Saya no Uta, Madoka Magica, and Kamen Rider Gaim fame, who is a fan of Equilibrium. He even wrote a fan-fiction kinetic novel based on the film, called Jouka no Monshou (Emblem of the Sacred Flame).
  • Headpaste FX goof: In a few of the parody's shots, both DuPont and Brandt are left unedited without Hitler and Günsche’s heads, respectively.

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