Hitler Rants Parodies Chat Room
HRP Chat Hi Chain
The Hitler Rants Parodies Chat Room, as seen in the Discord app.


June 2013 (Chatango)
August 2016 (Discord)


November 5, 2016 (Chatango)


Hitler Rants Parodies





Former Platform

Flash / HTML5 (Chatango)


Closed (Chatango)
Active (Discord)

The Hitler Rants Parodies Chat Room (Also known as HRP Chat Room and HRP Chat) is the most active meeting place online for Untergangers and fans of Downfall Parodies. The chat is used daily and all sorts of topics are discussed. It has replaced the former Untergangers Chat, which was founded (and also later closed) by Trapped Antics.

There was a time where the Downfall Parodies Society Chat Room succeeded this chat as the most active meeting place for Untergangers. However, the HRP Discord Chat Room, upon its creation, took back its title of the most active meeting place for Untergangers. Newer generations of Untergangers (i.e. newer 4th and 5th generation Untergangers) typically hang out here.

Hitler Rants Parodies Discord Chat Room

The new Hitler Rants Parodies Chat Room was setup on Discord on the 8th August 2016 and has replaced the old Chatango hosted chat room, which was closed on the 5th November 2016. This Discord chat room was seen as a reason for the 5th generation of Untergangers to be created. On the 25th November 2016 the HRP Discord chat had reached 1000 members.


The chat rules are continually being updated to accommodate the ever changing nature of a public chat being visited by hundreds of people, so they may be changed at anytime.

  • Show respect for all members on this chat and keep topics to relevant chatrooms.
  • No trolling.
  • No spamming in all channels except #spam.
  • No role playing in all channels except #roleplaying.
  • No posting links to other discord chatroom servers or asking people to join servers.
  • Keep spam, roleplaying, memes and to their respective chatrooms.
  • No pictures of dead people or animals.
  • Use only one account. Using too many accounts will get them banned.
  • No spamming emojis except in the #spam channel.
  • Keep other server problems off this server.
  • Bots should only be used in the #bots, #spam and #roleplaying channels.
  • Chat in English only on all channels except #spam, #roleplaying, and last post to win, where other languages are allowed.
  • Do not abuse the "here" or "everyone" function.
  • Do not delete your messages unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not spam to inflate your levelling EXP.
  • Members must request for access to the #nsfw channel.
  • No excessive use of CAPS. Racism, discrimination, hate speech. Anti-Semitism is not allowed.
  • No offensive or #nsfw usernames.
  • HRP is not allowed to mention his subscriber count.
  • Disrespecting or ignoring the mods or admin here will lead to a strike.



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