10 July 2016 (week 27)

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24 July 2016 (week 29)

FC Announcement

Hello Untergangers and Untergangerins! Here is the Featured Content for the week of 17 July.

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Featured Article

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QuestionTuesdayFTW, sometimes called QT, is an Unterganger from Canada, and is of Chinese and Vietnamese origin. He began making parodies on September 21, 2015, and has over 2,200 views and over 100 subscribers as of July 2016.

QT discovered the world of Downfall parodies in December 2014 by clicking on a related video of the Trololo Song. He discovered Hitler Rants Parodies soon after, and in February 2015, made a parody and uploaded it to his dad's channel. He established his channel in June 2015 and began to make a parody, but he scrapped it soon after. He uploaded his first parody on September 21, 2015, which was based on a suggestion given to him by one of his friends. Read more...

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Krebs' love for fish has turned him into a crab! Art by MabusParodies.

Featured Parody

Hitler's Escalator Ad

Hitler's Escalator Ad

Here's one of QuestionTuesdayFTW's best parodies, Hitler's Escalator Ad.