24 April 2016 (week 16)

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8 May 2016 (week 18)

FC Announcement

Hello Untergangers and Untergangerins! Here is the Featured Content for the week of 1 May.

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Featured Article

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Ninetales95NL (previously known as NeinTails95NL, Das Phoenix, PhoenixFirebreath, and Vulpix95NL) is a Dutch Unterganger.

For his parodies, Ninetales95NL used VideoPad. With his Downfall parodies, he often uses other content, like game footage and instrumentals for his musical parodies, sometimes cropped in length in order to avoid copyright issues. Ninetales95NL's parodies are most of the time either video game-oriented or musical parodies. One of his works, The Dolf (What Does The Dolf Say?), has reached over 100K in views.


Featured Image

Pencil of Doom MK III pic
Adolf Hitler: Epic Sith Lord or just a tyrannical failure of a dictator? You decide.

Featured Parody

Hitler's Deathday

Hitler's Deathday

Watch Hitler die. Yes, you heard that right. Video by Hitler Rants Parodies.