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FC Announcement

Hello Untergangers and Untergangerins! Here is the Featured Content for the week of 23 April.

By the way, do you know we have a subreddit of our own? Check it out!

Here is a reminder that you can suggest content for the Featured Content as well. The FC runs partly on your contributions as well, so if you enjoy seeing this section's content, please feel free to head on to the suggestions thread to post your suggestions. Thank you!

Featured Article

Gewehr 43)

JJ All-star is a Chinese-Thai Unterganger who started making Downfall parodies since December 2015. JJ All-star discovered Downfall parodies when searching YouTube for videos, but he never took interest of it. However, he started to make his first parody, Hitler plans to order Krabby Patty, on 20 December 2015. His channel would later gain more views because of his Hitler rants about turning into an animated form parody. He won March 2017's Unterganger of the Month award. Read more...

Featured Image

Clash of Fatties Bormann vs Göring06:03

Clash of Fatties Bormann vs Göring

The Fatties battle to see who is the best in March's Parody of the Month, made by Superdumpfback.

The Fatties battle to see who is the best in March's Parody of the Month, made by Superdumpfback.

Featured Parody

Unterganger Awards - March 201702:41

Unterganger Awards - March 2017

Congratulations to all the winners!


Here's the workflow on updating the Featured Content (FC) during the week change:

  1. Update the archive page
  2. Look through the suggestions thread
  3. Create the weekly FC page (check date, page title should be Hitler Parody Wiki:Featured/YYYY-MM-DD)
  4. Update the FC container page
  5. Mark previous week's FC page as archived using Template:FC archive
  6. Update Wikia's Curated Main Page FC (only administrators can access this page).
    • Go to the main page and click the "Edit Mobile Main Page" button. Or just use Special:CuratedContent.
    • Curated FC should pretty much reflects the normal FC. In case images and videos can't be featured choose their relevant topic page, or drop them altogether.
  7. (optional) Post the featured image on the official Facebook page, along with appropriate captions and a link to the FC page. If you don't have permission to post, please PM subtitlecomedy or Mfaizsyahmi.

For a more detailed tutorial, click here.

Current sections of the FC, and their quota, are as follows:

  • Featured Article - Articles on topics significant to the Unterganging community.
  • Featured Image - Funny images from Downfall (screencaps), parody screenshots, etc.
    • When featuring winners of awards, attempt to feature any of their fan art, screenshots from parodies, or something related to the winner. Only when this cannot be facilitated should a random image be featured.
    • In all other cases, anything goes.
    • The Featured Image can be replaced with a Featured Video if there are no images to feature, or if there are two videos that should be featured, such as a Parody of the Month video alongside an Unterganger Awards video.
  • Featured Video - Parodies.
  • The Article-Image-Video format must be followed at all times, with the exception of swapping out an image for a video, or for FC themes/specials.
  • When creating FC themes/specials, such as for Halloween or Christmas, the following guidelines do not apply for the duration of the special. However, any missed features of the aforementioned significant awards must be done as soon as possible as to prevent a backlog. Add to the lead of the Featured Article what award they are being featured for.

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If you'd like to receive alerts for the FC update each Sunday, add this to your personal wikia javascript page:
importScriptPage('User:Mfaizsyahmi/FcAlert.js', 'hitlerparody');

To quickly create a FC page, enter the date and press the create button below:

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