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Welcome to the Hitler Parody Wiki!

The Hitler parody meme Wiki that every Unterganger can edit.
This is the place to find info on your favorite characters and Downfall parody makers,
as well as detailed articles on the diverse terminologies and sub-memes!
4,880 moments of hilarity and 967 essential antics since 16 September 2010.


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Note: The Unterganger of the Month and the Parody of the Month awards are currently held as part of the Unterganger Awards.

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Did you know...

Hitler Funny Expression
  • ...that the mathematical constant pi (3.14) is also called the Archimedes constant?
  • ...that Jodl heads would occasionally manifest itself in the wiki's pages?
  • ...that Erich Kempka describes Fegelein as having his brain "in his scrotum" in spite of the latter's playboy-ish behaviour?
  • ...that Downfall Alfred Jodl's actor Christian Redl also played Hans Krebs (complete with a monocle) in a 2005 production?


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FC Announcement

Hello Untergangers and Untergangerins! Here is the Featured Content for the week of 23 April.

By the way, do you know we have a subreddit of our own? Check it out!

Here is a reminder that you can suggest content for the Featured Content as well. The FC runs partly on your contributions as well, so if you enjoy seeing this section's content, please feel free to head on to the suggestions thread to post your suggestions. Thank you!

Featured Article

Gewehr 43)

JJ All-star is a Chinese-Thai Unterganger who started making Downfall parodies since December 2015. JJ All-star discovered Downfall parodies when searching YouTube for videos, but he never took interest of it. However, he started to make his first parody, Hitler plans to order Krabby Patty, on 20 December 2015. His channel would later gain more views because of his Hitler rants about turning into an animated form parody. He won March 2017's Unterganger of the Month award. Read more...

Featured Image

Clash of Fatties Bormann vs Göring06:03

Clash of Fatties Bormann vs Göring

The Fatties battle to see who is the best in March's Parody of the Month, made by Superdumpfback.

The Fatties battle to see who is the best in March's Parody of the Month, made by Superdumpfback.

Featured Parody

Unterganger Awards - March 201702:41

Unterganger Awards - March 2017

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Hogl kills Fege

Sadly, the Monthly Poll has been put on hold for the time being. But don't worry! We're still eagerly accepting suggestions, and with any luck, you'll find us back with a topic of your choice!

In the meantime, have a look at our archive of past polls - just promise not to vote on them!


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Hitler Parody Wiki: 100% fanon with 30% more Verrat! Bringing you 4,880 moments of hilarity and 967 essential antics since 16 September 2010.

This wiki contains materials that are considered fanon, materials illegal in some countries, and materials that might be offensive or harmful to some viewers. Read the Disclaimers. Reader's discretion is advised.

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