The Hitler Parodies Marathon is a series of parodies made by TheSilverUniverse. As the name implies, the 16 parodies in the marathon are uploaded mostly on a daily basis beginning with a trailer on 29 January 2012 and ended with the award-winning Hitler vs Fegelein on 11 February 2012, which marks his first retirement.

Marathon week 1

Marathon week 2

1. Hitler gets annoyed by Pennywise the clown

1. Hitler's dinner gets ruined

2. Hitler is crying

2. Hitler is being watched

3a. Hitler sings to Günsche

3b. Günsches Magic Trick

3. Göring is ontop of the bunker

4. The Sims - Nazi Edition

4. Hitler's Drug Trip

5a. My unfinished YTPMV's

5b. Hitler gets pissed on

5. Hitler VS TheSilverUniverse

6. Hitler gets pregnant

6. Hitler VS Fegelein

7. Hitler got some balls

7. Tribute (never released)


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