“Die Logik der Frauen.”
Dolfy trolling his Tschapperl

The Hitler Laughing Scene, also known as Hitler's Trollface Scene, is a scene from Downfall which is sometimes used in parodies. 

The scene is most notable for the facial expression that Hitler makes during his conversation with Eva.

In Downfall

In this scene, Eva, Traudl and Gerda comes back from a walk with Blondi due to the air raid warning, and they sit down in the room with Hitler. Eva talks to Hitler about the statue she saw earlier on the Reich Chancellery gardens, and wishes to take it with her once the war is over. Hitler says he can't do that as the statue might belong to the state, or someone else, but Eva begs for an exemption. Hitler laughs at Eva's ownership logic. At the end of the scene artillery fire is heard. Linge and an unnamed soldier close the airlock doors of the bunker.

In Downfall parodies

A few notable examples where this scene is used include Hitler discusses Fegelein with Eva and Eva's secret. In Hitler Rants Parodies' parody Hitler sends Fegelein to space and after a suspiciously loud noise, when Hitler is talking with Eva they fear for the worst; Fegelein returned to the bunker as assumed later.

The so called 'trollface' of Hitler in this scene is often added to a parody to show Hitler gloating about something. When this scene is added to a parody, it is usually zoomed in, to avoid showing Eva. It is also frequently used for headpasting spoofs, such as in KakashiBallZ's The Hitler Hunter and several others. A version of it can be found in Staedty86's parody pack.

It has also been rotoscoped into other scenes to remove Eva, such as in Dollar Store Hitler. No raw rotoscoped greenscreen of this scene has been made available though.


  • This scene is only seen in the extended version of Downfall.
  • Sunglasses are added by Untergangers to Hitler's trollface, and used for Gangnam Style parodies.
  • It's the only scene in which Hitler speaks an entire sentence in his native Austrian dialect, calling Eva Braun a "Tschapperl" - an Austro-Bavarian nickname for a naive and clumsy person.
  • The Hitler troll face from this scene has found many uses in the community including server emoji's and the logo of Unterganger Central.


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Hitler Laughing Scene
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