Hitler Interviews is a series of parodies originally created by Hitler Rants Parodies, but also made by several other Untergangers. It centers around Hitler interviewing various people, such as his generals and other political leaders. The parodies are presented in a news flash-like format, and almost always contain hilarious Parody Universe references in the ticker tape.


Typical episode consists of fragmented Hitler, Grawitz and Günsche scene, mixed with footage of interviews with person, that Hitler is supposed to interview, Several parodies also features the news banners of Reich News Network or other fictious TV channel.

List of Hitler's Interviews

HRP's Hitler Interviews
Ep. Series The spokesperson Release date Video
1 1[1] Muammar al-Gaddafi March 7th, 2011 Hitler interviews Gaddafi
2 1[2] Mitt Romney January 12th, 2012 Hitler interviews Mitt Romney
3 1 Donald Trump January 23rd, 2012 Hitler interviews Donald Trump
4 1 Inglourious Hitler February 6th, 2012 Hitler interviews Inglourious Hitler
5 1 Barack Obama August 7th, 2012 Hitler interviews President Obama
6 1 Justin Bieber August 21st, 2012 Hitler interviews Justin Bieber
7 1 Adolf Hitler (Downfall) September 12th, 2012 Hitler interviews himself
8 1 Leopold Slikk October 30th, 2012 Hitler interviews Angry German Kid
9 1 Bruno Ganz November 13th, 2012 Hitler interviews Bruno Ganz
10 1 Hermann Fegelein November 20th, 2012 Hitler interviews Fegelein
11 1 Hermann Göring November 27th, 2012 Hitler interviews Göring
12 1 Wilhelm Burgdorf December 4th, 2012 Hitler interviews Burgdorf
13 1 Joseph Goebbels December 11th, 2012 Hitler interviews Goebbels/Skeletor
14 1 Otto Günsche January 8th, 2013 Hitler interviews Günsche
15 1 Hans Krebs January 15th, 2013 Hitler interviews Krebs
16 1 Heinrich Himmler January 22nd, 2013 Hitler interviews Himmler
17 1 Ernst-Robert Grawitz January 29th, 2013 Hitler interviews Grawitz
18 1 Walther Hewel February 12th, 2013 Hitler interviews Hewel
19 1 The Joker April 16th, 2013 Hitler interviews The Joker
20 2[3] Charles Manson May 8th, 2013 Hitler interviews Charles Manson
21 2[4] Vladimir Putin April 4th, 2014 Hitler interviews President Putin
22 2 Kim Jong-un January 30th, 2015 Hitler interviews Kim Jong-un
23 2 Hitler Rants Parodies February 20th, 2015 Hitler interviews Hitler Rants Parodies
24 2 El Risitas March 6th, 2015 Hitler interviews El Risitas
25 2 Alfred Jodl June 9th, 2015 Hitler interviews Jodl
26 2 Donald Trump September 11th, 2015 Hitler interviews Donald Trump
27 2 Jose Mourinho November 6th, 2015 Hitler interviews Jose Mourinho
28 2 Hillary Clinton November 13th, 2015 Hitler interviews Hillary Clinton
29 2 some random guy January 26th, 2016 Hitler interviews his future self
30 2 Bernie Sanders April 12th, 2016 Hitler interviews Bernie Sanders
31 2 Ted Cruz April 26th, 2016 Hitler interviews Ted Cruz
32 2 Donald Trump
Mike Pence
July 22th, 2016 Hitler interviews Donald Trump & Mike Pence
33 2 Hillary Clinton
Tim Kaine
July 29th, 2016 Hitler interviews Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine
34 2 Adolf Hitler January 27th, 2017 Hitler interviews Hitler
35 2 Adolf Hitler (Finlay) Fenruary 3rd, 2017 Hitler interviews Finlay Hitler
36 2 Donald Trump February 10th, 2017 Hitler interviews President Trump
37 2 Donald Trump June 2nd, 2017 Hitler interviews President Trump about the Trump-Russia investigation
38 2 Vladimir Putin June 16th, 2017 Hitler interviews President Putin about the Trump-Russia investigation
HighBunker HxH Parodies' Hitler Interviews
Ep. The spokesperson Release date Video
1 Giygas (with modulated Jodl's voice) June 19th, 2015 Hitler Interviews Giygas
2 Charizard (with low-pitch Fegelein's voice) January 18th, 2016 Hitler Interviews Charizard
3 Magikarp (with high-pitch Krebs' voice) February 12th, 2016 Hitler Interviews Magikarp
4 Bubsy (with high-pitch Jodl's voice) March 6th, 2017 Hitler Interviews Bubsy
5 Delphox (with modulated Fegelein's voice) March 14th, 2017 Hitler Interviews Delphox
6 Merio March 28th, 2017 Hitler Interviews Merio
rsx78re's Führer nad I[5]
Ep. The spokesperson Release date Video
1 Ryszard Petru January 21st, 2016 "Fuhrer nad i" #1- Ryszard Petru
2 Lech Wałęsa January 23rd, 2016 "Fuhrer nad i" #2- Lech Wałęsa TW "Bolek"
3 Angela Merkel January 26th, 2016 "Fuhrer nad i" #3- Angela Merkel
4 Hatoko Kushikawa January 26th, 2016 "Fuhrer nad i #4"- Hatoko Kushikawa (Inou-Battle Within Everyday Life)
5 Anjem Choudary January 29th, 2016 "Fuhrer nad i" #5- Anjem Choudary
6 Beata Szydło March 5th, 2016 "Fuhrer nad i" #006- Beata Szydło
7 Jerzy Urban March 19th, 2016 "Fuhrer nad i" #7 - Jerzy Urban
8 Barbara Santana April 16th, 2016 "Fuhrer nad i" #8 - Barbara Santana
9 Stefan Niesiołowski May 12th, 2016 "Fuhrer nad i" #9- Stefan Niesiołowski
10 Ryszard Świlski May 27th, 2016 Fuhrer nad i #10- Ryszard Świlski +propozycje Adolfa ws. naprawy PKM
11 BOXDEL May 28th, 2016 "Fuhrer nad i" #11- BOXDEL
12 SexMasterka May 28th, 2016 "Fuhrer nad i" #12- Sexmasterka
13 Grzegorz Schetyna May 31st, 2016 Fuhrer nad i #13 - Grzegorz Schetyna
  1. It's a raw parody, no additional news banners added
  2. Introduces Reich News Network banners
  3. First to have new banners of RNN
  4. First to have RNN ident
  5. Polish language version


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